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By Matt
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Steve made this post in a thread and I thought it was worth making a sticky so that it doesn't get buried. Also, I'm sure that many people might not even read the thread, but EVERYONE should read this post! :D ... tml#p44781
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By Oblivion
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steves post is so good id like to see him re-post it in its own thread, then stickified' to the top.

thats what it truely deserves, its pure gold :D
By afh928
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fantastic, as expected!
By LeejohnD
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Definitely good information. It's been tricky here in the southeastern United States lately because with all the rain the humidity has remained near 100% constantly for nearly two months. The LFS seems to hold water so much longer and it has been hard to NOT overwater.
By LeejohnD
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It has rained here in northern South Carolina nearly everyday for the last six weeks with the exception of a few days. Storms coming in right now...
By lawrenceyys
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Hi... I've bought a flytrap yesterday and I noticed we cant use water from the tap.
I've bought a Spritzer bottled water with Distillation Process label on it. I wonder if this type of water safe for my flytrap?

Really appreciated if anyone can advice me on this.

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By IHaveNoIdea
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You can use distilled water to water CPs. The thing is, whether you trust the company or not. Furthermore, that stuff must be expensive as hell. Just get some rain water and your plants will be fine.

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