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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By madrone
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I have some gemmae forming on a couple of my pygmy sundews. These have all been super easy growers for me.
  • D. paleacea
  • D. roseana
  • D. scorpioides - these ones may be wrapping up, or they might go for another round - so some limited availability here. SCORPS ARE DONE FOR NOW
There are a couple pygmies I'd be interested in trading for - Dork's pink, oreopodion, omissa x pulchella. Or if you preferred to just buy, then $8.00/packet of 12-15 gemmae. Shipping options: $9.50 (priority) or $5.50 (first class/ground advantage) to choose from based on your shipping temps and distance from WA state. Paypal friends and family preferred.

Feel free to send me a PM.
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