Fresh Sarracenia and Drosera Seeds

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Fresh Sarracenia and Drosera Seeds

by ThomasL » Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:36 pm


I harvest all my seeds and want to sell them. Most of the Sarracenia Seeds are open pollinated. In this case i add (op) after the species.
Each portion have 15-20 Seeds (mostly more). Price after Name is for one Portion. Harvest all Seeds the last few Weeks, so they are very fresh.
Shipping cost are different from the order and can be 1€ and 3,50€
Paypal needed, Shipping only inside EU.
- S. purpurea ssp. purpurea (op) 1€
- S. flava var. ornata (op) 1,50€
- S. flava var. cuprea (op) 1,50€
- S. leucophylla pubescent (op) 1,50€ (SOLD)
- S. minor clone 3 1,50€ (SOLD)
- S. x Frogmann (MK H162) 1,50€
- S. leucophylla x rubra (op) 1€
- S. x Imhotep (MK H159) 1,50€
- S. x pipu (psittacina x purpurea)(op) 1,50€
- S. minor typ giant x leucophylla (op) 1,50€
- S. minor x (leucophylla x minor) (op) 1,50€
- S. oreophila x purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii Chipola giant (op) 1,50€
- S. x Glider (op) 1,50€
- S. x wrigleyana (op) 1,50€
some Drosera seeds are available too. Ammount of seeds for oe bag is higher as Sarracenia seeds.
- Dr. indica (Afrika) 1,50€
- Dr. intermedia Carolina giant 1,50€
- Dr. capensis Matroosberg 1,50€
feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Bye Thomas

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Re: Fresh Sarracenia and Drosera Seeds

by Arteroz » Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:51 am

sir can you tell me your email..?
sorry my english bad..

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