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By nowelly
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Any constructive criticism, tips, *planting ideas* very welcome.
Substrate is peat moss and Long sphagnum, lights are “NICREW Submersible RGB Aquarium LED Light, Multicolor LED Lights 7 Inches, 2.5W” and “KINGBO 15000Lux Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Indoor Garden Plants Seedling Growing”
I silicones the cork to the back and used lava rock to separate the soil from the water area.
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By NightRaider
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I'd be VERY careful with the ceph with regards to moisture and airflow. I've been growing one in 90%+ humidity for nearly a year and it's done well for me in that time, but I also give it very good drainage and airflow and never let the crown get wet. That sphagnum around it would have me nervous about excess moisture which could eventually lead to crown rot. That said, it can work if done right.
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By Sundews69
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Yeah, having that ceph there is very risky. Those pings might get more water than they want there, too. Some Drosera could look beautiful there and they could handle that wetness. A good way to get lots of sundews in there is to sprinkle seeds from the seed bank around. Also, a Nepenthes would love those sphagnum pockets in the wall along the back, if there's room.
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