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Discussions about growing with minimal or no organic growing medium.

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By Fenlena
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I've never used that particular product but if you are adventurous and a little artistic, you could accomplish the same with expanding foam from Lowe's or Home Depot. Cover the foam in black silicone. Use gloves or a brush or something to apply. Cover in dry coco fiber. You can buy a brick of coco fiber from a pet store, soak it in water until it expands, and then spread it out on a garbage bag or something to dry. Apply a little bit of silicone and then a little bit of coco fiber so the silicone doesn't dry out. This makes a perfect substrate for "air plants" as they can cling to the side. You can also safely trickle water down the sides if you want to keep it wet.

I once built a terrarium out of a ten gallon fish aquarium with a false bottom. I created a water feature on the back wall of the terrarium using the technique above and a small water pump hidden under the false bottom.
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By DragonsEye
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Actually Epiweb isn't typcially used for anything you would use GreatStuff for -- at least not that I have seen. Epiweb is often used as a substitute for treefern fiber (the latter not be a quickly renewable resource. Both can be used for mounting orchids or other epiphytes ... particularly those that need excellent drainage. It is also useful for hydroponic setups, and, being a plastic, is both renewable and lasts longer than treefern fiber panels.

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