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List the plants you grow

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My current grow list as of today (1/6/2022)

Venus Flytraps
Dionaea M. "Akai Ryu"
Dionaea M. "Alien"
Dionaea M. "Angel Wings"
Dionaea M. "B52"
Dionaea M. "Big Mouth"
Dionaea M. "Bohemian Garnet"
Dionaea M. "Dente"
Dionaea M. "GJ Bloody Nurse"
Dionaea M. "GJ Giant Cudo"
Dionaea M. "Jaws Smiley"
Dionaea M. "JawsX1955"
Dionaea M. "Typical"
Dionaea M. "Wacky Traps"
Dionaea M. "Werewolf"

Dionaea M. "Fused Tooth Extreme"
Dionaea M. "GJ Basmati"
Dionaea M. "GJ Error"
Dionaea M. "GJ Fantasia"
Dionaea M. "GJ Hell Cat"
Dionaea M. "GJ Mariachi"
Dionaea M. "GJ Montecore"
Dionaea M. "GJ Nosferatu"
Dionaea M. "GJ Phalanx"
Dionaea M. "GJ Shir Khan"
Dionaea M. "GJ Umgekrempelt"
Dionaea M. "Kim Jong-Un"
Dionaea M. "Kim Il-Sung"

I should have some plants available for trade or purchase this spring 2022!
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By MaxVft
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Nice growlist!

I see that most of your wishlist is composed of the 'GJ' varieties of VFT. If you live somewhere near(or in) Germany you can go to their website( and buy their VFTs.
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By MaxVft
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DUB-C wrote: Fri Sep 24, 2021 11:16 am Thanks MaxVft! Wish I did LOL, However I'm on the East Coast in Maryland. A lot of the cultivars that I'm drawn to are mainly available overseas only and Green Jaws doesn't ship outside the EU.
Ah OK lol, not sure if you knew but Jeremiah Harris also supplies some of the GJ Cultivars through if you wanna check them out :D
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