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By Matt
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is germination the same as the vft

Yep, pretty much except that many people recommend a cold, wet stratification period for temperate Drosera seed. Dionaea do not need this.
By watnazn
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Joined:  Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:52 am
Excuse my ignorance, but I have a drosera paradoxa, is this considered a N.A. drosera or tropical? And what kind of special care might it require?


Nick. :D

This is an older post but I will still answer it for if anyone else is interested.
d. paradoxa is in a group called the petiolaris complex, the wooly sundews.
They are all from northern australia.
They pretty much all need a tropical climate with lots of light and warm temperature. In nature they require dormancy but in cultivation they do not if you keep it watered with light and warmth.
By dionaea muscipula
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thanks allen this will help with my sundews but what happened to the ceph caresheet? as you know i have the ceoh fever :D CEPHS!!!
By Zomboni
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Cool, but at the top you wrote about "Many grower have different ways of care for Nepenthes Cultivation". I know it's underwork but just wanted to give a heads up.
By prpl_trtl
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Sorry if I'm spoiling, but I have no time to read all this stuff now. I recieved a package with Mixed Drosera seeds and the question is - Can I sow them just in peat in which I already grow Dionaea plants? I have no perlite to add as a drainage, hope that will not be the problem?? I read in guide that this seeds are dust-like, so is there some trick for sowing them?

Hm,there is the list,i didn' t know there will be this much species, this will be hard to grow like this...
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By limeslide
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A lot of those species a tuberous or in the petiolaris complex, which are not explained here. There are also Tropical and North American species in there, too.
The seeds are like dust, I just sprinkle them on top of the soil.
By limeslide
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Joined:  Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:53 am
No, a lot of them need specific soil mixes to thrive. You may be able to place the north american sundews in pure peat, and the tropicals in peat with sand.

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