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By Cory
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S rubra ssp alabamensis
S. Danas delight
S. Hummers hammerhead
S. Psittacina Walton Co. FL wilkersons bog
S alata red lid
S oreophylla sand MT al.
S alata "maroon throat"
S flava var cupurea
S leuco x flava var ornata
S flava var ornata
S minor
S minor "Okie giant"
S catesbaei x alata "black throat"
S flava var rubri x purp Montana
S flava
S purpurea
S Leah Wilkerson

D. Mirror

Ceracea Cerro neblina
Folliculata Murosipan Tepui
Glabra S. Do Sol, Guyana
Hispida Cerro Neblina, Venezuela
Parva Cerro Neblina
Minor var. Minor
Minor "Big orange"
Minor "Selection #1"
Minor "Burgendy black"
Minor "pilosa" bald clone
Elongata llu Tepui
Collina Foothills Testigos
Huberi Amuri Tepui
Uncinata Amuri Tepui
Nebaline Avispa Venezuela
Tatei Cerro Hauchamachare
Ionasii llu Tepui Venezuela
Sarracenioides Ptari Venezuela
Purpurascens Ptari Tepui
Chimantensis Chimanta Venezuela
Nutans kukenam Tepui
Heterodoxa Gran Sabana
Pulchella Chimanta Tepui
Pulchella Akopan Tepui
Exappendiculata Chimanta Tepui
Tequila "green"
Tequila "red"
Spec. Nov. "Angasima"
Spec. Nov. "akopan"
Glabra x Nutans "Nutans Giant"
Nebaline x Hispida
Arenicola X ionasii
Heterodoxa X Minor
Heterodoxa X Nutans
Heterodoxa X ionasii
Tatei X folliculata
Heliamphora tatei "Cerro Duida" x ( arenicola x ionasi )
Nutans X ionasii
Tatei var Neblinae X hispida


Typical " flytrap store"
Typical "NE#1"
Hummers Giant
Dudley watts
Czech Giant
Phil Mann
Brewers red
Brewers green "Giant"
German Giant
Emu point
Double rib
Coal mine beach
Triffid Albany black
Big boy
Dennis Hastings GK #1
Hampshire Black
Giant leaves
Queen Mary
Hummers Giant F2 SG
Red Monster


Densiflora BE
Diatas BE
deRoose alata (ventrata) "male"
Ventricosa "porcelain"
(Eyame x veitchii) x burbidgea. EP
(Eyame x maxima) x burbidgea EP
Boschiana (northiana x veitchii) EP
Ventricosa "squat" {ventricosa (lowii x ventricosa)} EP
Albomarginata "green"
Albomarginata "red" AW
Albomarginata "black"
Aristolochoides "AW"
Burbidgea "AW"
Clipeata "AW 2 clones"
Inermis "AW" Gunung Mulu, Borneo
Jacquelinae "AW" West Sumatra
Muluensis "AW" Gunung Mulu
Northiana "AW" Borneo
Tentaculata "AW" Gunung Rajah, Borneo
Peter D'amato. Female RC
Sabre "striped"
Song of melancholy
Truncata "red" x Lowii EP SG
Truncata x Ovata. EP
Muluensis x lowii
Truncata "lowland"
Truncata "HL" EP SG
Truncata "Pasian" BE TC
Peltata. BE TC
Petiolata RC
Petiolata x maxima BE SG
Petiolata x veitchii HL. BE SG
Vogelii. RC "female"
Vogelii. SG
Faizaliana AW TC
Fusca. "Mamut" BE SG
Ephippiata AW TC Gunung Rajah,
Ephippiata SG
X Trusmadiensis AW TC G.Trusmadi
X Trusmadiensis x Burbidgea EP
Adnata AW kelog sembilan, Sumatra "male"
Regan (spathulata x veitchii) alata
Jacquilinea X truncata SG
Glandulifera x Veitchii HL
Lowii x Campanulata EP
Truncata x merrilliana EP
Truncata (sibuyanensis x xtrusmandiensis) "EP"
Sanguinea X Truncata RC
Red dragon ( thorelli x truncata)
X dyeriana
X wrigleyana RC
Robcantleyi BE SG
Talengensis BE
Lowii AW TC Gunung Mulu, Borneo
Lowii x ephippiata SG
Lowii x spectabilis RC
Lowii x Fusca EP
Veitchii x Platychila BE SG
Veitchii X Lowii AW TC
Veitchii HL x Spectabilis TC BE
Veitchii HL x Burbidgea SG EP
Veitchii "Pu'amore" SG
Macrophylla. SG
Macrophylla AW.
Rajah. SG
Izumae SG
Lingulata SG EP
Glandulifera. SG
Glabrata RC
Jamban BE
Jamban SG
Ramispina BE TC
sibuyanensis. BE SG
Sibuyanensis x veitchii BE SG
Bicalcarata- burnei AW TC Sipitang
Bicalcarata- red flush
Ampullaria typical green speckled
Ampullaria Cantleys red.
Gracilis Var. Nigrapurpurea
Gracilis "green"
Rajah X Jacquilinea SG
Spectabilis BE TC
Spectabilis X Aristolochoides
Spathulata x Diatas
Maxima x sibuyanensis
Spectabilis x jacquilinea BE SG
Rafflesiana "elongata" BE
Rafflesiana "white"
Rafflesiana "squat black" AW female
Sumatrana SG
Singalana "Belirang"- Female
Hamiguitanensis AW.
Platychilla BE
Hamata AW Gunung lumut C#4
Hamata UC Davis clone RC
Hamata x Platychila
Burkei x Hamata
Veitchii - K striped SG, BE
Veitchii- "bareo" striped BE
Veitchii SG, SK
Veitchii " bareo" BE striped
Veitchii x Eyame "EP" striped
(Lowii x veitchii)-red x burbidgeae
Lowii x (lowii x Truncata) Giant
Belli x {(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii}
bellii x albomarginata
burbidgeae X edwardsiana
Truncata "red" x veitchii HL
(Truncata X (Northiana X veitchii)) X ephippiata
Veitchii x rigidifolia SG
Tiveyi "EP" RC
Maxima X Veitchii 1989 clones "CSUF#2282"
Ventricosa x ephippiata "EP"
Maxima Wavy leaf
Veitchii X xtrusmandiensis. EP
ventricosa X Boschiana
{(lowii x veitchii)-yellow x boschiana} x {(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii} EP
(Ventricosa x sibuyanensis) x Sabre " dark cherry" EP SG
Rokko EP "Female"
Thorelli x aristo
Insignus RC
Lady Pauline RC
Kohala "leilani" RC

Sundews. Drosera
Adelae '' red form''
Binata '' Marston Dragon''
Binata Var. Multifida Extrema
Tokaensis X rotundiflora

Broad leaf
White leaf
All red
Capensis X Spathulata

Regular and Frasier forms

Several different species of ant plant/ferns
Many orchids as well
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By buakawswagyo
Posts:  60
Joined:  Sat Sep 07, 2013 7:05 pm
Maybe if you list the things you don't have it will be easier to understand what you are growing jeez lol
Amazing grow list,
Amazing grower.
Cory you are a god amongst us mortals.
I wish I could meet your parents and tell them
They gave birth to a champion. Stay classy bro.
By katya_dog1
Posts:  2412
Joined:  Sat Aug 09, 2014 1:45 pm
That is one EXPENSIVE collection! :lol: Keep it up!
By David F
Posts:  1649
Joined:  Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:41 pm
Wow, please start a photo thread, otherwise I'll continue my disbelief.
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