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By pokie22
I made select crosses this year with my Cephalotus and here are the first seeds of season. These were harvested from 8/1/15 and onwards.

1) "Phil Mann" X self
2) 'Hummer's Giant' X "Phil Mann"
3) "Phil Mann" X 'Hummer's Giant' (A FEW LEFT)
4) 'Hummer's Giant' x self (SOLD OUT)
5) Charles Brewer Typical x "black form" (LIMITED) - harvested 8/5/15

5 seeds for $10 + $2 shipping
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By Marcos Ono
How are you?
I am from Brazil.
Have you some Cephalotus seeds?
I would like to start a micropropagation from it.
No need to be a special one.
Thank you very much.
Marcos Ono
You can found me in the facebook also
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