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By evenwind
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I know you want what you want. If you're set on Maroon Monster, save up and get it from FTS, you won't be sorry. On the other hand, if any of Craig's "CCCP" clones look good to you, check all of the pics of the clone, assume you'll get the smallest (unlikely), and if you're still okay, then buy it. Some of his plants are very interesting.
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By ChefDean
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-Stanley- wrote: Thu Apr 21, 2022 5:35 pm Is Crazy Craig's Carivorous Plants a good place to buy CPs from?
A simple question with a convoluted answer.
He's a good guy, you're going to get a specimen of what you order. But I don't think I've ever seen him list "exact plant pictured". More often than not, that specimen will be small, but numerous. Ordering from him assumes above beginner level experience in order to not only properly plant them, but find them as well. The last time I ordered from him I received north of 20 plants, but most were only millimeters wide, some only a couple of mm. It took a minute before I was confident that I found them all. Planting them was an adventure.
Others have mentioned the names, and the questions about those, so I won't go into that further except to say that he puts his own prefix on a lot of plants. I have a CCCP "Trigger Happy" from him that he admitted to have gotten from someone who got it from FTS. He just conveniently failed to put FTS instead of CCCP.
Last, if you see something you like, at a price you like, get it. Someone was looking for the above mentioned "Trigger Happy", and it was found as available from CCCP. A few of us ordered at the same time, taking over half his available plants at (I think) $20 per pot. Over the next couple of days, as word got around to other forums, his supply was almost tapped out. He decanted more and, a few days later, they were listed again for $100 per pot.
He has good plants, but the labels are questionable.
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By VFTnPups
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Does anyone remember when CCCP was Fingers or Broken Fingers on eBay? I bought a few “cultivars” from him in 2016. They were all seed growns. I’m surprised by all the praise heaped on him in other forums and groups in recent years. If I recall he was still using vague wording describing his cultivars, like “true to name from seed” or “true to parent” up until a few years ago. I’d be wary of buying from him, but I do have some neat looking typicals.
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By evenwind
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I remember him from the old days. Actually talked to him on the phone. He seems to be a good guy but I think he had a fairly common confusion that seeds from a cultivar are equal to the cultivar. (I say "common" because there's people all over the internet selling cultivar seeds (like BCP, for instance) with the implication that you'll be getting a carbon copy of the parent.) I believe he's got that all squared away now and is producing plants solely from TC. The only complaint I've heard lately is that he's putting names on new cultivars that don't deserve recognition.
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By slicric78
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-Stanley- wrote: Thu Apr 21, 2022 7:58 pm
Carnies wrote:What type of cultivar are you looking for?
FTS Maroon Monster.
Hey Stanley. I have a lot of maroon monsters. I could part with one if you'd like to trade (or buy). Trades are open to anyone else as well.
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