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By CPResource
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Joined:  Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:34 am
Howdy folks, I've probably run into a few of you on the ICPS Facebook, Reddit, etc, but for the new friendly faces, I would like to introduce you to a brand-spanking-new resource for Carnivorous Plant info that I have been diligently building for the last few months:

It's a modern, scalable database of plant information, Carnivorous Plant Society calendar of events, and growing techniques designed for both advanced hobbyists and beginners. I essentially built something that I would use and now I hope becomes a valuable tool for the greater community. Looking for your feedback and info contributors to flush out the database! Cheers, and happy growing!
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By xr280xr
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Very cool! I like your layout and styling. The calendar is also an awesome idea! There's an event going on tomorrow I might have tried to go to if I had found it sooner.

On that topic, I think it has some incorrect information. It says the Big Thicket field trip is hosted by but has the email address listed for it and seemingly combines the names into "Pet Flytrap Care". That e-mail address belongs to this site,, not I'm not aware of any association between Matt & Leah's OR-based company and the TX-based
petflytrap.PNG (25.85 KiB) Viewed 10773 times
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By CPResource
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Joined:  Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:34 am
Hey, thanks for the kind words and good catch on the event! I was emailed and it was recommended that I add that event to the calendar. Looks like I may have captured the wrong information. It's been updated! ... ig-thicket
Contact the organizers to see when their next field trip is! I'm sure they'd love to have you.
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By CPResource
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Joined:  Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:34 am
May was a busy month! -Oodles of fun updates to CPR:

New plants added:
Nepenthes truncata - a huge and showy Tropical Pitcher plant that I’ve witnessed eat entire rats! ... s-truncata
Nepenthes ventricosa - a fun, easy-grower perfect for beginners with a bright windowsill ... ventricosa
Nepenthes mikei - Oh, mikei you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey mikei! ... thes-mikei

Dionaea muscipula ‘King Henry’ - a giant flytrap variety originally bred by Don Elkins of Mesa Exotics ... king-henry

Sarracenia flava var. flava - redundant, but I mean, it is the flaviest of flavas! ... -var-flava
Sarracenia flava (bronze x coppertop) - a handsome, rusty flava hybrid ... -coppertop
Sarracenia flava var. rugelii - the cut throat trumpet pitcher plant ... ar-rugelii
Sarracenia leucophylla var. alba ‘Hurricane Creek White’ - a sleek, minimalist white trumpet pitcher plant now extinct in the wild ... reek-white
Sarracenia minor - the grim reaper... I mean hooded pitcher plant. ... enia-minor

Drosera capensis ‘Narrow leaf’ - your typical, abundant, hard-to-kill capensis (perfect for beginners!) ... arrow-leaf

New post:
Watering Carnivorous Plants - diving deep into the topic of water, different methods to purify it, and the best option for your plants. ... ous-plants

Just show me the pretty pictures:
• Tons of new gallery photos
By CPResource
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Joined:  Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:34 am
Super duper June and July updates to Carnivorous Plant Resource. Check 'em out, and consider submitting your favorite plant to the database ( ... -a-species!

New plants added:
Nepenthes lowii - the toilet bowl for birds! ... thes-lowii
Nepenthes inermis - double the trouble: catching prey with pitfall and flypaper traps. ... es-inermis
Nepenthes robcantleyi - like N. truncata... only not. ... obcantleyi
Nepenthes veitchii - big. bold. fuzzy. ... s-veitchii
Nepenthes sanguinea - this Nepenthes is "ironically" red. ... -sanguinea
Nepenthes bicalcarata - the fanged Nepenthes commanding an army of ants. ... icalcarata

Sarracenia purpurea - comfortable home to a surprising number of symbiotic critters. ... a-purpurea

Drosera regia - the king of all sundews. ... sera-regia
Drosera spatulata - the... spatula of all sundews? ... -spatulata

Just show me the pretty pictures:
A bunch of new gallery photos -

All the social fun:
We've been playing "Guess the Nepenthes" recently, and having some fun discussions on social media. If you haven't already, join in on the fun!

Behind the scenes:
CDN: We're now running on a Content Delivery Network for faster site loading no matter where you are in the world.
Upgraded image compression: again, speed optimizations for lightning-ish-fast loads. Keeping all those pretty plant pictures loading fast is hard work!
Minify: CSS, Javascript are now minified for faster page loads.
Fix: We borked the javascript for our Calendar of events. A fix is in progress. Sorry 'bout that, folks!

By CPResource
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Joined:  Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:34 am
Sakaaaaa wrote:Add stylidium please. I would like to know the sun and water requirements
Will probably focus on flushing out what's currently on the site with more species before moving onto another new genus. Would love to add it sometime down the road.
By CPResource
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Joined:  Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:34 am
Fall is upon us, Sarracenia leucophylla are in full pitchering mode, and I'm hard at work updating CPR. October insects beware!

New plants added:
• Nepenthes ramispina - the cowboy Nepenthes, rocking pitcher spurs ... -ramispina
• Nepenthes x ventrata - being the most common and one of the easiest to grow Nepenthes doesn't make N. x ventrata any less special. Plus, it has a great celebrity name ... x-ventrata
• Dionaea 'Big Mouth' - with so many large, clustered traps, it can't help but self-cannibalize ... -big-mouth
• Drosera gigantea - pretty much a carnivorous bonsai tree ... a-gigantea

New blog post:
• How to care for your growing Venus flytrap - Beginner's guide - we all start somewhere, folks! This guide will help you if you're just getting started or need to point a newbie friend somewhere. - Wish I had this 20 years ago... ... ers-guide/

Just show me the pretty pictures:
A bunch of new gallery photos -

All the social fun:
Join in on the conversation and all of the social media shenanigans!
We rep’ Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter, so engage where you please.• Facebook:
• Instagram:
• Pinterest:
• Twitter:
Dionaea muscipula Big Mouth email.jpg
Dionaea muscipula Big Mouth email.jpg (75.26 KiB) Viewed 9952 times
By CPResource
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Joined:  Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:34 am
I hope you had the happiest of Halloweens and wish you excellent luck nursing your candy hangover! Time for some TERRIFYING updates. Read to the bottom for some big CPR news!

New plants added:
Sarracenia 'Adrian Slack' - a great plant named for an excellent dude. ... ian-slack/
Sarracenia 'Deep Throat' - what happens when S. x excellens goes rogue? ... ep-throat/
Heliamphora ionasi - a poster child for sun pitcher plants, and our first featured species! ... ra-ionasi/

Just show me the pretty pictures:
A handful of new gallery photos -

Big update in the works!
Folks, I'm excited to announce that we're building a carnivorous plant resource storefront! We're collaborating with fabulous artists to provide carnivorous-plant-related artwork and accessories to the community. Stay tuned, and pick up some fabulous holiday presents later this November!
Have something to offer the community, or know someone who does? Drop us an email at, and let's have a talk.

By CPResource
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Joined:  Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:34 am
Nightbreed wrote:Really nice site thank you for all the great information and excellent pictures.
Thanks so much for the kind words! I haven't posted site updates here in a while, but probably will the end of this month ;-)
By Nightbreed
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Joined:  Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:29 am
CPResource wrote: Thanks so much for the kind words! I haven't posted site updates here in a while, but probably will the end of this month ;-)
I look forward to it. Really like the different blog post. Really well written. I'll keep checking back.
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