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List the plants you grow

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By Astral_Revenant
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My goal right now, is to try growing one carnivorous plant, from each genus. Trying to find the most suitable ones, for the environment I live in. Apparently, most can grow, in these conditions well(Inside & outside). So far, these are the ones I got & yes...I named my cplants, lol. ;)

1. Venus flytrap(Maws).
2. Ventrata(Crimson, a little worried, because stalks are dying, but it appears to be doing good).
3. Mystery plant(Curly).
4. Purple pitcher(Lucky).
5. Moon cactus(Iris).
6. Barrel cactus(Hairy).
7. Cobra lily(Adder, worried about this one the most, not sure if I should stick this little one outside in the frigid, snow covered backyard for its dormancy. I feel there is still life in it, not sure if I should dig it up & check its rhizome).
8. Mexican butterwort(Menace).
9. Germinating containers(Growing cape sundews, which SerMuncherIV, sent me. First time growing them & sprouts are appearing). :P
10. RIP pile(Alata pitcher(Actually a leo, which needs the most light(Died or went dormant), purple pitcher, 2x venus flytrap, sundew(One each, from carnivorous plant nursery, all died, because I was a newbie at growing them, the other one, died from going dormant & getting gnawed on by a centipede), butterwort saplings(Some died because they weren't strong enough, others from accidental, diluted fertilizer on the soil surface). :(
11. Grape tree(Ent).

Lots of deaths, but you learn from your mistakes. If you don't, you'll never improve yourself. :mrgreen:

I have a grow light & stand. The bulb can switch from 50/100/150. I might buy a couple for the areas that can't be reached, maybe, lights that can clamp onto the tops of the dressers. That can be turned on or off. Might add some mesh racks, to put more plants on. The worlds your oyster, so we'll see what happens. Thanks for reading, have a good day, all! 8-)
White drsr2.jpg
White drsr2.jpg (103.13 KiB) Viewed 662 times
White drsr1.jpg
White drsr1.jpg (73.7 KiB) Viewed 662 times
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Rinse bucket & misc.jpg
Rinse bucket & misc.jpg (63.71 KiB) Viewed 662 times
Other plants1.jpg
Other plants1.jpg (113.08 KiB) Viewed 662 times
Light stand.jpg
Light stand.jpg (115.97 KiB) Viewed 662 times
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Black drsr3.jpg
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Black drsr2.jpg
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Black drsr1.jpg
Black drsr1.jpg (105.93 KiB) Viewed 662 times
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