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By That one plant boi
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Damn aphids

Heckin' aphids

After having to deal with thrips for about two growing seasons - which were absolutely horrid to deal with - I now have a minor aphid problem. To be honest though, they aren't all that bad, it seems. I just pick them off and crush every one that I find. But every time I destroy them, go back inside, and come out again to check on my plants just hours later, they're back again. Much prefer this over thrips, but aphids are still annoying.

So how do I effectively keep these suckers off my plants? Any tips? Special methods passed down over the years? Dark rituals that could be performed to bring the entire species to the end?


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By Shadowtski
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First thing is isolate aphid-infested plants from the rest of your collection to avoid spread.
I submerge the infected plant in a Ziploc bag completely filled with distilled water for a week, keep it under full light.
After a week, unbag your plant and put it in your isolation/ICU area.
It'll take a couple weeks to perk up again but it should make a full recovery.
I've tried using homemade insecticidal soap sprays but that REALLY traumatizes the treated Sundews.
There are many ways to deal with aphids.
This is how I do it.
(Your mileage may vary)
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