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Post here to organize or join a group order

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By SEWinans
Hello all. I am interested in ordering from BCP.

I will be placing an order within the next few days from Cedric's carnivores if anyone else is interested. Let me know.

EDIT: well darn! I used google translate to read the terms and conditions on the Cedric's carnivores website and it appears as if they do not ship to the U.S.

Where are you all located, anyway?
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By evenwind
So how do we move forward? Looks like we've got at least 5 people for BCP - which would mean an extra $20 each to cover costs. Maybe if this becomes definite, we can pick up another 5 people? Which would be only $10 for costs...
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By evenwind
Anybody done this before? How do we start? PMs to people who have expressed interest? Anybody ready to take the lead?
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