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I got this 12mo B52, but why is it so small? It looks like it’s 8mo
IMG_4388.jpeg (1.53 MiB) Viewed 857 times
By Huntsmanshorn
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You can hasten things quite a bit by giving it optimum growing conditions, assuming that's possible for you, instead of just settling for just "good enough".
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By scarlet-moon-83
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Too green so not enough lights?

Its too small for a year old flytraps from TC or leaf pulling.

Its normal size if its from seed. No B52 seeds though.
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By ChefDean
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That's actually a great sized for a year old, seed grown VFT, expected size for a B52 grown from a cutting or pulling, and small for a B52 grown in TC. Do you know which it is? However, it's only a B52 if it's from a cutting, pulling, or TC. If it's seed grown, it's just a typical due to it not being genetically identical to a B52.
To that end, whichever it is, is it on a windowsill or outside? The pic appears to have it on a windowsill, which is not a good spot or it, and the one next to it, will slowly die. VFT's need direct, unfiltered sunlight, and modern glass filters sunlight. Outside on a cloudy day or in the shade is more beneficial than a sunny windowsill.

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