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Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers

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By ApgarTraps
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I have hundreds of plants, and most of them are in containers that keep an inch of water at the very bottom. However, this one "self-watering" container does not. With the recent Georgia heat (every day in the 90s with blazing sun), only the traps in this one pot have suffered. I believe this is from the heat building up in the growing medium, rather than its direct effect on the leaves. These plants have leaves with a pale color with brown mottling, as shown in the photo.

Is this from hot growing medium? All other VFT plants are thriving.

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By tommyr
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We've been in the low to mid 90s where I am and I'm not seeing any problems with mine. As long as they are in some water they'll be fine. They can take the 90's fine.
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By Joshuamarshall792
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Did you acclimate them to the outdoors? I grew mine outdoors for awhile and I had to acclimate them before just leaving them outside all day! You should be careful with vfts that been indoors and bringing them outdoors!

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By Matt
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That's mite damage. You'll need to treat the plant and all plants in your collection ASAP with a dedicated miticide. If you don't know where to get it, we do offer some for sale in hobbyist quantities at ... ous-plants

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