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Ask questions about how to grow and care for Venus Flytraps

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By _-SphagnumFromHell-_
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Here's a good way to tell: press down on the soil with your finger. If the indent fills with water then it's too wet. Basically, make sure there's more soil in the pot than water.

Watering new species of plants is a little weird at first but overtime you form a natural intuition of when to water. The funny thing about Venus Flytraps is that although they like constantly moist soil, they can actually dry out significantly before being harmed. Depending on a variety of factors like humidity, temperature, and location, the moment when it's time to water can vary significantly. This is why people water in so many different ways.

But if that's too much to think about, here's somewhere to start. Keep a tray constantly filled with about half an inch or so of water. It can get a little wetter or a little dryer, but never let it dry out completely. Being really wet for a little is fine, but for long periods of time will cause it to not grow as well and it may succumb to root rot.
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By Cross
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I'll add my two cents. I hate peat moss. That being said, it depends on the weather. My peat will turn a lighter brown when it completely dries. It becomes compact. Now since it's summer, I use the tray method and keep the tray full. It's really hot here right now so the water will evaporate before the day is over. If I don't do this, they'll dry out real fast. Most of my plants are potted in spagnum, because I hate peat. But this means they retain moisture longer. In cooler times, like spring or fall (Octoberish here) I will not use a tray method. I'll just fill up some gallons of water and put enough in the trays to water them. But yes, I avoid top watering, especially with peat.

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By Magic Mutt
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The dry period helps the plants grow by making the roots "search" for water by spreading throughout the medium. More roots, better growth.

As time passes, try to go further and further without water. If you know it can survive half a day without drying up, go for a full day next time...just check more often when its hot and sunny. I started out by leaving vfts in a water tray constantly... then less and less. Now I put water in the tray about once every 3-4 days unless a hot (Virginia) day comes along and saps the water out.

I like to let my tray go dry for a day or 2, i just check with my fingers by pressing on the lfsm. Not that I need to, lfsm looks way different when it dries out. Plus i can easily pick up the pot and check the weight. You will definitely be able to tell the difference by weight alone as the lfsm gets so light when dry.

I hate peat/perlite as well, the sphagnum is great i use both fts' and the better gro stuff with great results.

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By steve booth
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Dont over worry - mine sit outside (in tall pots) in trays in the UK in trays. The water level varies from about 2" to next to nothing, but I don't let the trays dry in the growing season. The 2" represents about 1 fifth of the pot height.
Others I have in in-ground bogs are wet all year round, rain dependant, but I have tubes I can see the water level in, and as it drops I water, they never dry, even in winter. The taller/deeper the pot is, the better it works, as it obviously has a stratification effect from wet at the bottom to drier at the top, small pots dont have this advantage.


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