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By jkochuni
So I have finally finished my flow hood...almost. I just need to purchase plexiglass today and I'm done.


I'll be tissue culturing tomorrow the following...

'Sawtooth' flower stalk
'Dingley Giant' flower stalk
'Yellow' flower stalk
'Red Piranha' leaves

I also have flower stalks coming up on my 'Fused Tooth', 'Pink' and 'Big Mouth' which I'll have to wait until they grow taller. Wish me luck! :D
By Lychanthrope
Nice looking!!! You did a good job. I can only hope I will progress in my growing-CPs-skills enough over the years to try building one of these also. :)
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By Steve_D
The laminar flow hood looks great, Jason. Very neatly built. Have fun micropropagating and please post updates, photos, etc. if you don't mind. :)
By jkochuni
Thanks everyone! I hope it increases my odds with having some successful cultures tomorrow. :D I'll definitely post some pics when I'm done culturing tomorrow.
By Adam
I can't wait to see what your success rate will be...
By renesis
Thanks for the link,

I just picked one up locally today though. I will put up a build thread later this evening or tomorrow once I open the box!
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By Matt
Where did you get the HEPA filter from? I've been trying to find a good source.

Sorry, I just saw this post. Here is the link...

My Hepa filter was $148.

Hey Jason, I'm still thinking about building an LFH. I'm looking at parts and pricing right now. Can you tell me a part number or type for your filter? Looking here: ... 1&prodID=1
There are lots of different options.
By jkochuni
Hello Matt,

I e-mailed the store with these dimensions and they recommended a filter...

12" x 24" x 3"

I know the total cost was 148. I'll see if it is labeled when I check out the long ago it is hard to remember...

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