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By cbennett4041
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I have the following plants for sale. Number available listed in parentheses; prices listed after. Shipping and handling cost is a flat $7 for everyone, regardless the plant number purchased. Shipped bareroot wrapped in a damp paper towel sprayed with sulfur inside a ziploc bag.

Each plant division will be roughly flowering size but some might not have the largest/most numerous traps right now due to the timing of the season. Several of the following cultivars still have big fall traps to produce this year; others will really start showing off next spring.

***EMAIL ME TOO*** if you PM me on the forum here: mrcorbennett (at)

Reptilian Rose (4): $80
popei (3): $20
leucophylla Crestview, FL (3): $35
Addington Hybrid, Dana's Delight x (lueco x rubra) (2): $35

HELIAMPHORA (we'll have to wait on cooler temps on my end to ship)
arenicola x ionasii (3): $50
minor x heterdoxa (1): $25

Draco (3): $30
Grun (2): $20
Dentate (4): $15
A2 (4): $20
Gremlin (5): $20
G14 (2): $20
Big Mouth (4): $20
B52 (4): $25
King Henry (3): $25
Royal Red (3): $25
Flaming Lips (1): $30
Maroon Monster (2): $35
Ginormous (3): $35

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