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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By Eric
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This is on 2 other forums but I thought I'd extend the offer to FTC soooo... Giveaway Time!

Was originally going to wait for my VFT seeds to drop before doing this but they seem to be taking a while. Seeds were harvested at the end of last season and unfortunately I didn't have the foresight to strat these over the winter.. Any trades are welcome and appreciated but not necessary (Would love D. Burmanii or Adelae!). I have plenty to spare so I don't think I will be putting a limit on how many people can take some. As always, write your name below and PM me for the address.

Thanks for looking

I will be out of town from July 5th-12th on vacation to the Carolinas and Georgia (If anyone knows of any CP destinations down there feel free to point them out to me), so if it takes a while to come back that'll probably be why!


Interest seems to be now non existent for these so..
Thanks to everyone who participated!
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By BrunoL
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1.) BrunoL Thanks!
By boggyboy72
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I'll take some.
3. boggyboy72
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By Eric
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Intensity001 wrote:Lol do we pay for shipping? If not then I'm on board Image

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You do. :P It's not that much though, just need 2 stamps. Details here:

"SASE stands for Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. They are most often used in seed giveaways. How does it work? Read on:

You get two envelopes and two stamps. On the first envelope, you put one stamp, and then address it to yourself. On the second envelope, you put the other stamp, and put who you are getting the seeds from. Then you put the first envelope (the one addressed to you) inside the second envelope (the one addressed to the seed giver) and seal it. Then you mail the envelope.

When the seed giver receives the envelope, he or she opens it up, takes out your "self addressed stamped envelope," puts the seeds in, seals it, and drops it in the mail box."
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By Eric
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Intensity001 wrote:Ooooh I'm a new cp grower and new to this forum.. Thanks for the insight!

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So do you still want some? :?: PM me~
By Eric
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List fixed:
1.) BrunoL Thanks! (PM'ed)
2.) killerplants4realz Thanks eric since you will prob get my b52 (PM'ed)
3.) boggyboy72 (PM'ed)
4.) Intensity001 (PM'ed)
5.) AaaaNinja (PM'ed)
6.) Eyrah (PM'ed)
7.) Ishasha (PM'ed)
8.) Altemar. I want some seed thanks. (PM'ed)
9.) zsyxcbibi, thanks for sharing, this is awesome! (PM'ed)

Everyone gets seeds. Just send an SASE. The list is there so I can keep track of everyone.
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By Eric
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Location data added.
By Eric
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Photos added:

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