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By lothar123
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Joined:  Mon Dec 29, 2014 4:24 pm
I have 6-8 decent-sized clumps of "Utricularia gibba" for trade, roughly golf ball-sized. The binomial name is in quotes because it has yet to flower and I'm not 100% confident in the identification. I purchased this on ebay from seller "pearldiver6" last year. This is an aquatic species that is very easy to grow with sufficient light. U. gibba was found to have the lowest amount of non-coding DNA in any plant genome sequenced to date, very cool!

Some of these are a little ambitious, I'm looking for started cuttings/divisions of:
  • U. sandersonii and other showy terrestrial or epiphytic utrics
    Anything from the Drosera binata and filiformis clades
    Larger tropical Drosera
    Mexican pings
    Sarracenia seedlings species and/or hybrids (S. purpura purpurea and S. oreophila preferred)
    Unique flytrap types
    Tuberous Drosera
    Cephalotus or Heliamphora starts (doesn't hurt to ask ;) )
    Drosophyllum and other interesting seed
    Try me!
Things I'm not interested in:
  • Nepenthes
    D. capensis
    Pygmy Drosera
PM me if interested.
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By David F
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Do you accept seeds or wait for cuttings?

U. calycifida, D. indica, Sarracenia unknown seedling hybrids, D. binata (unknown specifics), D. spatulata "Tamlin"

and Three drosophyllum seeds.

and I know you say you're not interested in D. capensis, but I have an interesting variety known as "Big Pink", it's pretty cool ;).
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