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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By charlie
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Joined:  Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:08 pm
I don't want to buy one, but if anyone has an extra seedling I would love to trade. Here's what I have for trade:

N. gracilima /alba - good size and outgrowing my three inch pot for it

N. (lowii x spectabilis) x talengensis - rooted cuttings. when they make pitcher they look like this: (except they have a little more color from the spectabilis)

U. tricolor - one plug

D. sessifolia - a couple adult plants

D. hamiltonii - two good sized divisions

D. muscipula 'FTS purple ambush' - not large enough to trade yet, but maybe in late summer?

and a couple more that you can find on my growlist:


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