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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By snapperhead51
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Hi all, here I have the following Cephalotus seed Feb 2014 , for sale, has been cold stratified as well

French mans Bay x Coal Mine beach $25.00 AU
2 peoples bay x french mans bay $25.00 AU
2 Peoples bay x “Coal mine beach” $25.00 AU
Coal mine beach location $25.00 AU
2 peoples bay x north Cliffe $25.00 AU limited
“Edwards’ giant” x self $20.00 not location ! plant just named verity plant

IMPORTANT " Please note, the plants raised from these seeds can not be called location plants because they are crosses" except CMB

Various open pollinated Cephalotus seeds by insects are available as well, please ask - $15.00 AU

Sorry, no Cephalotus seeds from the “ Big Donk” are available or pure location data seed yet .except CMB

10 seeds per pack, combine postage is available. Shipping $ 2.60.AU

registered post available but its $14.50 AU per letter just stupid from AU post but that's what it is sorry , if seed not received with out reg post no refunds !

Paypal fee 3.4% must be added to payment .

Payment only via Paypal, no cheques will be accepted as a payment method.

All payments in AU $ only please .

PM me for any sales if you wish

Thanks, John
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