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By entropy81
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Joined:  Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:10 pm
I've been looking to get some Byblis filifolia and/or Byblis lamellata seeds. The only place I can find online so far is I was going to ask if anyone had dealt with them but I did a search first and apparently they're very bad. People saying they had 0 germination from the seeds and they are kind of expensive. Anyone know where I can find these seeds online? Ebay only has B. liniflora at the moment.

Nevermind, found some!

Had a 20 euro minimum order so I got all seeds, B. filifolia, B. lamellata, D. muscipula mixed, D. binata f. multifida, D. capensis broadleaf, S. purpurea, and got a bonus of S. leucophylla and S. flava v. rugelli seeds. Cost me $50 with shipping.
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By Cory
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I have had zero luck with any seeds from
I bought seeds from 4 different places at the same time.
Everything germinated for me except the 6 different species I got from there

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By Maiden
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Same for me. All the seeds i buyed from rarexotic just stay there and didnt sprout.

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