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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By normando
Posts:  56
Joined:  Sat Feb 09, 2013 3:04 am
Don't have a place to keep my terrariums or plants with in so Im forced to have to sell my prized posetions. Below are the plants that are available for sale. The shipping is not included in the price and will depend on the plant being shipped and will be covered by the purchaser. Also no cuttings/devisions will be available. I also have no photos I could post here but if your interested in anything just let me know and I can send you photos. That said here's what's available:

*H. heterodoxa x minor (Adult w/many adult pitchers and is flowering size)
*H. heterodoxa x ionasii
*H. ionasii (All other Helis are juviniles w/no adult pitchers yet exept for H. hetero x ionasii which has one adult pitcher so far)
*H. minor "burgundy black"
*H. minor "selection 1"
*H. uncinata

*2 Adult cephalotus 1 from leaf cuttings from California Carnivores and 1 from seed from Sarracenia Northwest, The later is the biggest.

*N. 'burkei' (the true 'burkei' from California carnivores)
*N. forgot the name of this one but its a cross from sarracenia northwest, Ill find out and post it tomarro.

2 P. gigantean

Theres a couple more but I cant remember the names but ill figure it out and have em up tomarro, in the mean time feel free to message me with any questions or inquiries and ill get back to you asap. Also I tend to not check the post as much as I check the P.Ms so please pm me for the fastest response and thank you so much for your time. Normando
By Zombie_walker
Posts:  328
Joined:  Thu Sep 19, 2013 4:30 am
Hello Normando, I believe you posted this before and no one received a response after messaging you. I think it would be polite to message people back if you no longer want to do business with them. ... ml#p191970
By Mike_907
Posts:  39
Joined:  Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:08 pm
Pmed. wanted 80 for a ceph. More like someone trying to make a quick buck then someone wanting to get rid of plants. Told him thats not what this forum or community was for.
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