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By cp_geek
hi I have many plants I would like to get rid of before it gets too cold to send out plants. here's my list:
-vft typical, many traps just about fully mature; $3
-vft 'royal red,' healthy and very red; $5
-vft 'low giant,' slowly growing with a healthy overall look; $5
-s. purp sp. purp, has many traps and healthy as can be, just about mature if not already; $5
-d. rotundifolia, healthy grows many leaves and overwinters in a dark, cool garage excellently; $4
-d. spatulata, small but very healthy with a bunch of leaves; $4
-d. adelae, growing very well with many offshoot plants which in no time can fill up a 6" pot; $5
-n. ventricosa, growing good, small but growing good with 2+ inch traps; $6
$ 35 dollars or best offer. thanksx. contact me wiling to talk it over. THANKS
By happiness
Do you have any pictures of the royal red & low giant?
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By Cory
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I may be interested in the Adelae
By cp_geek
hello, I have no pictures to post but you can trust me when I say the plants are all in good shape and growing vigorously. if you're interested please contact me via private messages so that I can give you my address info. thanks and good growing.
By cp_geek
by the way, all plants are to be sent via at least priority which will be another $5 on top of the price of the plants themselves. thanks
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