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Venus Fly Trap Care Questions
Ask questions about how to grow and care for Venus Flytraps
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Re: Normal Or Sign That Somet…
by Cross
Venus Fly Trap General Discussions
Discussions about anything related to Venus Flytraps, cultivars and named clones
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Re: What is this plant??
by Carnies
Water Quality, Growing Media and Planting Containers
Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers
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Re: Conserving water
by tib777
Photos of Venus Fly traps
Share photos of your Venus Fly Traps here.
Reversed trap

That's what happens after it has suggested multipl[…]

Conserving water

You can try the RO buddie from amazon for like ~$5[…]

Buddha Belly

From what I can find, this is just a bunch of nick[…]

Post your nepenthes here

Ask Chef or one of the other moderators to fix it.[…]

Rebecca sopper

I got my new nepenthes and the first plant I had[…]

Sase received. Thank you so very much! I'm so exci[…]

Also how long should i run the light 12 hours? :)

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