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Carnivorous flower stalk

I dunno, I can't see both passive and active carni[…]

ISO Cephalotus for Trade

I've got a couple of Drosera Petiolaris Complex hy[…]

New in Cabo San Lucas

Greetings all. Prior to choosing to add my Traps […]

GJ Bloody Nurse

Hi Adrien, nurse is looking good. Curious how many[…]

I have the pots I just don't have the soil, to rep[…]

Watering for small pots in AZ

Thank you! I have an area in my yard that gets sha[…]

Do you all think repotting so frequently (one mon[…]

Bringing vfts on an rv trip?

I think that is a good idea. I also found a way to[…]

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