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By Intheswamp
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I was in Lowe's Hardware yesterday and came upon this wonderful display of flytraps and the properly moistened sawdust bags with meaty and fleshy sarracenia rhizomes in them. Lowe's is definitely stepping up their game here. The care and knowledge used in positioning these plants for optimum lighting was impressive. No technical aspect was overlooked!

By the looks of the flytraps they have definitely had proper, low-TDS water and on a great watering schedule. Lowe's probably has its own reverse osmosis setup for filtering the municipal water for when it hasn't rained in a while and the rain barrels are low.

It was just so refreshing to see the continued professional care of these plants by apparently post-grad university botanists at Lowe's. And this is why Lowe's is at the top of the pyramid when it comes to carnivorous plant growers, they're among the elite!!!!

Btw, I have two acres of beach front property left for sale. Both acres have aqua blue sparkling water with constant blue skies and humidity levels always between 50 and 60 percent! Full southern exposure. Each acre has every species known to man (and a few yet to be discovered ones!) of sarrs, sundews, cephs, neps, etc., growing on it. On each acre is an artesian well producing 0ppm water at 50+gallons a minute that is surrounded by a peat bog growing multi-color sphagnum moss. These lots are going fast so don't wait to call 234 916 386 9554 and ask to speak with Oluwabukola, a very colorful, friendly, and fast-talking fellow!!! *Only* a small deposit is required to hold your dream-come-true carnivorous plant paradise!!! CALL NOW!!!!! :mrgreen:
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