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In my country we don’t have Avid (or at least I couldn’t find it) but I found one miticide with abamectin, the same active chemical as Avids. What do you think? Description: Acaricide-insecticide in liquid form, contact and stomach. Its active substance abamectin 1.80% ec, is in the form of an emulsifiable liquid. It is used to control mites, fleas, thrips, leafminers on fruit trees and soursop, and the yellow leafhopper on strawberry, horticultural, vegetable and ornamental plants. Its average ratio is 10 cc in 10 lt of water. It is also used for leafhopper on soursop, flea on pear and vine mite on vines. In horticulture, in addition to mites, it fights liriomyza and thrips. The volume of the spray liquid and the doses for each case are indicated on the packages.
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