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By aooborromeo
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Joined:  Wed Feb 24, 2021 6:14 pm
Hello! If you've seen my last two posts, I'm very new to carnivorous plants. I would like to place my plant outside to get it's ideal unfiltered 4-6 hrs of sunlight. However, it's very cold where I am. It's at the highest 40 degrees outside daily. It can get all the way to single digits since it's still winter on the Northeast coast. I'm a little wary of placing it outside since it's so cold. I know the sunny windowsill isn't good longterm, but would it be okay if I keep it there until it get's warmer. It's almost spring, so it wouldn't be very long until spring and summer. Or should I put it out there now?

Oh and indoor lighting? What are the options? What kind of light bulbs or equipment for that. And are there any videos or picture examples of a perfectly potted venus fly trap. I don't have acess to the ideal spagnum moss mix for the fly trap so I have to temporarily use a light, organic, non chemical or fertilizer enhanced.
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By Matt
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aooborromeo wrote:I know the sunny windowsill isn't good longterm, but would it be okay if I keep it there until it get's warmer.
Yes, a sunny windowsill will work just fine for a few weeks. But if it's 40 outside, that's good enough to get the plant outside during the day. Anything above freezing is fine. And you can move it back inside at night to avoid the frost and freeze.
aooborromeo wrote:Oh and indoor lighting? What are the options?
Fluorescent and LED are the two most common technologies used for grow lights for CPs and LED is the much more modern technology that typically yields better results. A good article was recently written by John Brittnacher for the ICPS here: ... ntlighting
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