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By PhoenixTRAP
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So I was wondering if anyone had any tips on growing venus fly traps and north american pitcher plants in humidity lower than 30% I live in PHX,AZ and even when the weather's nice it's dry. The lowest I've seen the humidity is 12% in the deep summer and the rest of the year it averages 27% in the day and 45% at night. I just want to know since I've been growing nepenthes and sundew in two 50 gallon terrariums in the house and would love to expand my collection but space and light are 2 factors driving me to want to expand my grow outside. Any help is appreciated!! :D I've never grown a flytrap or pitcher plant successfully before I've just grown tons of nepenthes and sundews
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By Matt
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Low humidity hasn't ever really been a problem for me and we've lived in some of the driest places in the US (Colorado and Oregon). It's the very high temperatures coupled with the very low humidity that can be an issue.

If you can protect the plants from the extreme heat of mid-day sun when it is over 95F, they should do OK. Increasing the humidity definitely helps them grow better too. During the summer months here in southern Oregon, our humidity levels are often in the 20% range. I like to keep the doors on the greenhouse shut and spray it down inside regularly with the hose to increase humidity. I have a thermostat that turns on a fan when temperatures get over 90F to vent out the heat. Keeping the humidity high and the temperature moderated definitely results in better growth.

I don't have any great ideas for you other than doing something similar with a misting system and a fan in a closed-in space that can be vented to release heat. You could probably create something with one of those cheap plastic greenhouses, a thermostat, a misting system, and a fan. It would be a little work but possibly a fun project!
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