Where should I keep my Venus Fly Trap?

The best place to grow Venus Fly Traps is outside, when possible. It is possible to grow Venus Fly Traps outside throughout most of the world during the summer months. Many Venus Fly Trap growers leave take their plants outside as soon as the threat of frosts has passed and leave them outside until freezing temperatures return again in late fall

If you are one of the lucky people that live in a place where the winters are mild (rarely experiencing freezes), then you can leave your Venus Fly Traps outside all year long. As long as the winter temperatures usually stay above freezing and when it does get below freezing, it doesn’t stay there for more than a couple of days, Venus Fly Traps will be fine if left outside all year long.

If growing your Dionaea outside isn’t an option, then some other choices are a greenhouse, a very sunny windowsill or under a grow light. It is possible to grow Venus Fly Traps in terrariums, though most growers agree that Dionaea do not make good terrarium pets because of the overly wet conditions and stale air.