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Pink Venus - 5 Small Plants

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Pink Venus - 5 Small Plants

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The Pink Venus Venus Flytrap has intensely deep-red traps and green leaves brushed liberally with the same color of red. A beautiful Venus Flytrap with dependable color!


The Pink Venus grows prostrate the entire year, with beautiful green and deep red rosettes and deeply colored traps."

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healthy and vigorous growth!
i received these a couple weeks ago and after having transplanted them into my own pots i put them under artificial light. They were doing ok the first couple days and a few of the traps even went black, so i cut those off and i kept it watered and under the light and eventually the plant got used to the environment and started to grow new traps. Since then ive upgraded my indoor lighting adding more wattage and the VFTs have really taken off, im talking a new trap budding and opening up in a couple days time. The size of these new traps are fairly big and look healthy. The picture of the vft in the description is much greener in shade than the plants i received which have a much redder coloration in boththe leaves and traps. Im thinking it could be all the light im giving them, both 2700k and 5700k but it looks great and i couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the plants.
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Review by j / (Posted on 7/2/2013)