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Crested Petioles - 5 Small Plants

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Crested Petioles - 5 Small Plants

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Originating from Australia, the Crested Petioles Venus Flytrap can develop bumps, ridges and serrations in the upper part of the petiole where its flanges are widest and most prominent. Additionally Crested Petioles has a long, thin "stem" which joins the trap to the leaves, making the traps stand out more than on an average flytrap.


The Crested Petioles Venus Fly Trap clone was cultivated, selected and named by Triffid Park of Australia for its unusual habit of developing ridges, bumps and serrations in the upper part of the petiole, or stem to which the trap is attached, giving the leaves and plant an unusual appearance.

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Beautiful plants!
Perfect, healthy plants already showing lots of red. Always the best!
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Review by Greg / (Posted on 6/14/2012)