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Pot of Baby Flytraps

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Pot of Baby Flytraps

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Several baby Venus Flytraps for you to love, cherish, raise to adulthood and be proud of, already potted and ready to grow vigorously with the love and care they deserve.


Several baby Venus Flytraps already potted and ready to grow under your care. These small Flytraps are from seed or tissue-cultured clones and are genetically diverse with different colors and forms. No special requests: Flytraps chosen at random from among available stock.

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Great quality
Although the shipping was a bit slower than I expected, I recieved a pot of around 15 plants that doesn’t appear to be dormant at all! Thank you Flytrapstore!
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Review by jddjdkdksnkk / (Posted on 12/30/2017)
I'll be back for more
So many different types in the batch love it
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Review by Lykan / (Posted on 12/3/2017)
I was lucky enough to nab two of these and they are absolutely overflowing with a great variety of very healthy and exceptionally beautiful typicals (some all green, some red, some green with red traps, and all different teeth). These are definitely NOT your typical typicals! There are at least 5 bundles of plants in each but each bundle has a TON of babies, more than I can count. They are quite a bit larger than I expected, especially given dormancy. I cannot imagine how much time, effort, and skill was required to pot all these together. I cannot recommend this enough.
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Review by Orit / (Posted on 11/16/2017)
I've been lucky enough to buy 3 of these(with 3 more on the way). They are a super fun suprise waiting to see what you will get. Mine have had 5-8 plants of fairly big size with a beautiful mix of colors and trap types. No labels on the plants but they for sure are not your typical VFTs. I have a hard time potting 2 or 3 little plants into a single pot so I can only imagine how much time and care it takes to get these potted and looking so good. Thanks Leah and Matt!!
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Review by Smooter80 / (Posted on 6/28/2016)
Wonderful Baby Flytraps
They are all in great condition, healthy, and very diverse in color and growth (clusters, low growth, and tall), I think there are more than 7. I counted at least 7 babies!

Thank you so much again, Matt and Leah, for your well-grown Venus Flytraps! I'm really enjoying growing the three other flytraps that I purchased and they are thriving. I'm a beginner with carnivorous plants and really enjoying growing them very much! I'm learning a lot of helpful information too, from the forums here. Thanks again!
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Review by Abel / (Posted on 6/26/2016)
Healthy little bundle of awesomeness!
I received my pot of baby traps and I was pretty impressed, all of them looked very healthy and I was very pleased to see that there were 2+ of the gorgeous dark blood red traps. The only thing about this deal is that the pot comes with sphagnum moss, I was hoping it would've came in the soil variety they offer but overall I am extremely happy with my order and the quality is why I keep coming here over other websites! Thanks again and happy growing!
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Review by Luis / (Posted on 8/5/2014)
Pot full of baby fly traps.
Just got them in today. They look great. Not sure what types I have and hope I do good by them. I am new to this hobby and want to have a lot of success at it. I will be ordering more plants in the future from you all. Thanks again!!
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Review by Don / (Posted on 1/31/2014)
Wonderful Little Plants
I received my plants a few days ago and they seem to be really healthy! The plants I received are smaller than the ones in the pictures but there is a TON of them. There seems to be at least three different varieties in the pot --- typical, a red variety of some kind (that is really pretty) and a fused tooth (so cool!). I transplanted them today because they were so packed into the pot that they wouldn't be able to grow much more and I pulled out several dozen little plants. The only thing negative thing I would say about my order is that the plants were planted in long-fibered stagnum moss which made it really hard to transplant the little plants. The roots of the plants were tangled up in the moss and each other and it took me several hours to untangle them all and I'm afraid I may have damaged (or even killed) quite a few in the process. I would buy again though!
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Review by Nicole / (Posted on 9/28/2013)
tons of little traps
i got them in 2 days with 3 bundles of plants, one red, one green, and one mixed . i counted over 30 after separation, a week later and they are growing great
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Review by tyler / (Posted on 9/2/2013)
Excellent pot of babies
Received my pot of baby flytraps and I couldn't have asked for more. In total the pot had around 7 plants and it has a healthy mix of red and green flytraps. They do an excellent job of potting and keep your plant from getting damaged.
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Review by Chris / (Posted on 8/1/2013)
This was my first order, and the plants I received were much more dense compared to the photo provided. All the traps essentially covered the soil into a "flytrap bed", so I really got my money's worth (I count more than 5 plants). Although I can't pinpoint what strain it is, I did receive a red plant in the mix, and was thoroughly surprised.

The packaging was very delicate and well thought out. The wet towel taped over the pot seemed to keep everything clean and the plants moist during transit. The handwritten thank you note from them is also a nice plus.

I'm looking forward to ordering more soon.
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Review by Brian / (Posted on 6/6/2013)
Exceeded All Expectations!!!
I have ordered over 10 various adult plants from the Flytrapcare Store in the past. I am always very pleased with the health and quality of the plants that I have received. I do not order flytraps on the internet from any other seller. I had a few flytraps that did not make it through the winter this year so I decided to order a pot of baby flytraps to replace them at an affordable cost. I am beyond thrilled that I ordered new plants. I have read in previous reviews that purchasers received between 6 to 12 flytraps. I actually separated all of my baby flytraps and replanted them as soon as I received them. They were all in excellent health and of different varieties. There were MANY MANY more than 12 plants in my pot. I do not want to post the actual amount because I fear that future purchasers will be disappointed that they did not receive as many as I did. Maybe I got more plants because I have ordered many times prior, maybe other purchasers did not separate the plants and actually count them. Either way, I would not hesitate to purchase the Pot of Baby Flytraps again. Although I prefer ordering adult plants, this product is a great way to increase your flytrap count SIGNIFICANTLY!! When the personalized note said "Here are a bunch of flytraps - good luck growing!" they weren't kidding. I am looking forward to growing all of the baby traps into adults. I will likely order a pot of baby flytraps every year. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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Review by Darren D. / (Posted on 4/21/2013)
Great product and service
It's been almost week we have recieved baby flytraps. Shipment arrived quickly and packed withTLC. There are over a dozen of cute traps in the pot. We also loved hand-written message inside of teh box. My son is observing every day and started to name them;) We will spread the words to whom would like to purchase flytraps. Thak you Matt & Leah!
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Review by Austin, TX / (Posted on 3/15/2013)
A lots of cute baby traps
We recieved well over dozen of baby flytraps that we can recognize yesterday, and we are very pleased with this order. The baby flytraps shipped fast,and were very well packaged. There was a handwritten note in side the box wishing us good luck. Thank you, Matt. We will tell everybody about your store who would be interested in aquiring flytraps.
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Review by Yasuko / (Posted on 3/12/2013)
Amazing deal
Everywhere I have gone to find info on the Venus flytrap says that they can be difficult to grow but the pot of baby flytraps has been easy, have grown well, and have continued to grow so that I need to repot them because it is so overcrowded in the pot. Overall it is an amazing deal.
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Review by Casey / (Posted on 2/16/2013)
I recieved 6 baby flytraps,and I am very pleased with this order.The flytraps shipped fast,and were very well packaged.My flytraps were about the size of a half dollar.I WILL DEFINETLY ORDER AGAIN!!!!!!
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Review by jaws / (Posted on 1/20/2013)
Fantastic little starter pot
I ordered one of these just a little over a month ago now, and I have to say it has been so wonderful to watch these little plants grow. They've grown so much since I first opened them too. Very diverse selection, 6 plants at least, probably more than that. Absolutely great way for me to get started with these fun plants!

On a seperate note, I thought the hand-written note was a wonderfully personal touch, especially for an online order. Thanks!
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Review by Todd / (Posted on 9/18/2012)
I've just received 7 baby flytraps 3 days after placing my order. They were carefully packed and on the receipt I found a hand written note wishing me good luck. Thanks
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Review by Anna / (Posted on 6/22/2012)
It came just two days after I ordered them. I never thought plants could be so cute! The hand written note on the order form was a nice touch as well. I'll definitely order from here again.
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Review by Xiwen (Wiguwak) / (Posted on 2/15/2012)
Great product!
I ordered this just last Thursday night and it's Monday and I already have it! All of my plants were in perfect condition as well as this pot of little babies. Expertly packed and mailed. I have put my plants in the fridge until I can get outside to plant them in my bog. They are all very healthy looking and I can't wait to plant them.
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Review by Jody / (Posted on 2/6/2012)
I got this over a year ago now i have six adult venus flytraps (9/1/12)
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Review by leslie / (Posted on 1/9/2012)
Pot of baby flytraps!
When I ordered this, what I received was a pot of 6 baby flytraps potted as shown in the picture. Though about the size of a quarter, I could tell that each plant was different. Very cool item if you don't mind what you're getting and want to watch teeny flytraps develop into monsters!
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Review by Shes Crofty / (Posted on 6/21/2011)