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Big Mouth - 5 Small Plants

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Big Mouth - 5 Small Plants

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The Big Mouth Venus Flytrap is prized for its large traps, deep color and neat growth habit. Unlike most Venus Flytraps that grow taller and thinner during the summer and can look a little "leggy" and unkempt, Big Mouth's leaves grow prostrate in a neat rosette close to the ground year round.


Although Big Mouth, like most Venus Flytraps, can be capricious and temperamental about when it displays its best color, when the traps do color up they become a very deep, almost purple red. That color combined with the oversized traps sets Big Mouth apart from other Venus Flytrap clones. 'Big Mouth' is an officially registered Venus Flytrap cultivar. For more information be sure to read the Big Mouth Cultivar page on the main site.

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Great deal
Just recieved these little monsters in the mail. Not only did I get 5 good sized babies but an additional 3 smaller babies for a total of 8 they were packaged extremely well and with care and wrapped extremely well. Thanks guys:) well worth the money!
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Review by Chris / (Posted on 8/16/2013)
Excellent First Year Growth
I give this 5 pack a 5 star review. These were given as a birthday gift during dormancy, but since Spring is here the five plantlets have exploded with growth. All plants arrived in excellent condition when received 4 months ago. The neat rosette fashion in which these grow add to the charm of the "Big Mouth".

Don't believe this reivew? Here are the plants today: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sovetskjeff/7228879810/

Happy Growing!
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Review by NorthCali Jeff / (Posted on 5/19/2012)