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25 Baby Venus Flytraps for 25 Dollars

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25 Baby Venus Flytraps for 25 Dollars

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25 baby Venus Flytraps, shipped bareroot (not potted), for a very reasonable 1 dollar per plant. These Venus Flytraps could be any seed-grown plant or clone(s), our choice (no special requests). A great bargain on baby Venus Flytraps.


The 25 Venus Flytraps included in this offer may be identical or varied. If they are all the same named clone, that name will probably be designated in the shipping material; otherwise, they may consist of an unspecified variety of seed-grown and/or unnamed "typical" Venus Flytraps of various forms and colors.

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Review by Ty / (Posted on 6/8/2017)
Take my word.. You will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.
This is my 2nd time buying this bundle, I am a pretty ethustiac grower of many plants, but I love carnivorous plants the most.

The bundle shipped and delivered in 2 days! That's fast.
Be prepared for more than 25 flytraps. I received 75 plants. Yes 75 plants!!
They are packaged nicely and for the most part in excellent condition.
It comes with an informative care sheet. (Must read)
There is a large variety of plants ranging from size, type, and color. (Huge plus)
I have grown other venus flytraps from other places and I will say in all honesty as far as quality, service, and variety.. FTS has been the best place to go period. If you are having any doubts or questionsx take my word for it, you will never find a better place than here.
-Happy growing
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Review by luis / (Posted on 10/11/2014)
Amazing Service and plants
Thank You so much for all of your care with my special order. I was so overjoyed to see how healthy and how many plants we received... I have to have Family help me because I cannot care for them all for our project!! You exceeded my expectations. And the way you package it is great.
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Review by Kimberly / (Posted on 10/4/2014)
Great value and great quality!
I was fortunate enough to buy this bundle and had been wanting to order for a long time. Let me start of by saying that I was disappointed by the number of plants I received. After reading other reviews of receiving 40+, I thought I would get more but instead I only received 25 as advertised. This makes me believe that either the people that have posted only counted the bulbs of the plant idk.
As far as the plants they came in great condition packaged incredibly well with a care sheet for you take care of your new babies. Although I'm not sure whether or it's common but I have several of traps that were already blackened (natural). It's been 2 weeks, I've followed the care sheet like a bible, and I believe about 70% are thriving. Not exactly what I expected but you can't beat the price!
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Review by Luis / (Posted on 7/3/2014)
I was very happy to see that great care had been taken to prepare the (way more than 25) tiny plants I received; they all had GREAT roots! It's been several weeks now, and I think I have 0% mortality. Hoping they'll be back in stock soon; I'm going to order again!! :) :) :) :) :)
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Review by philiptdotcom / (Posted on 2/1/2014)
I wish there were more stars....
If there were 100 stars FTS 25 babies would be 101 stars. I got 72 plants instead of 25!!!!!!!! 1/4 were babies, little or no rhizome. Most had a small rhizome, and 5 or so had LARGE rhizomes. For my full review and some pics, go here: http://www.flytrapcare.com/phpBB3/fts-25-baby-vfts-for-25-review-5-stars-10-10-t22283.html
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Review by Walter Owens, WaSundew / (Posted on 1/13/2014)
Once again everyone at flytrapstpre.com has gone way above my expectations I received my 25 more like 40+ baby traps some were size of silver dollar while others were tiny but for nearly doubling my order I'm not complaining at all couldn't be happier thanks again
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Review by Steve / (Posted on 11/7/2013)
great service, great looking baby
Awesome is all I can say for the service and quality of baby traps when I received them. I had them sent to me in the dead of winter and the temperature by me was mid 20 degrees Fahrenheit so very cold and every trap looked great. The little traps had great roots and on average were 1 inch diameter some bigger some smaller I'm very happy with my order and will be placing another one in spring for this again plus some more thanks again for these great little traps
- Steve S.
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Review by Steve / (Posted on 1/4/2013)
Nephew loves them
I ordered the 25 baby VFTs for $25 dollars for my nephew for his birthday. I asked him what6 he wanted for his birthday,and he said get me more VFTs. So i opened up flytrapstore.com and told him to pick out which ones he wanted. He picked out these. When i finally got them yesterday which is monday,they were in great shape,despite being left at my local post office for 3 days. That was my fault though. In total there were 39 plants that we counted. I am sure there are closer to 50 as we just planted a few of them together that we did not seperate. We will do that when we repot them. Overall i am very satified with the plants i had purchased and my nephew is very satisfied with the VFTs he received. Will definately buy from again when we are looking to get more plants. I would recommend this store to anyone who is looking to buy VFTs. Matt and Steve are very helpful with any question you might have. The whole community is very friendly. The personalized note is also a very nice addition.
Thanks for the plants
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Review by Munchie16201 / (Posted on 8/20/2012)
I recieved a very generous overcount on my 25 baby VFT purchase. Plants were babies as advertised but what a fun purchase. Some were very tiny but they were all very healthy, and suprizingly to me as a new grower I only lost a few after planting.
If you want a bunch of flytraps this is the way to go !!
Great variety of types, it's a true pot luck and you really don't know what you'll get.
I ended up with a few reds :) , and assorted greens with all kinds of different growth types. Loving watching them grow and develope.
If you want a bunch of flytraps and a fun flytrap experience the 25 babies for 25 dollars gets my recommendation of the purchase to make.
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Review by TrapperKeeper / (Posted on 8/14/2012)
Can't go wrong at less than $1 a plant!
At the end of May 2012 I ordered the 25 baby flytraps. I definitely got more than 25 plants! It's now mid-August 2012 and I still have more than 25 healthy, happy plants growing. Mostly standard looking plants, but a few reds in the bunch. I just moved a large pot of plants outside to more light... that should give me a better sense of the mix of plants I have. I am very happy with the group of plants I purchased! I think I got a great deal on healthy baby Venus flytraps! Despite the small size, most of the plants are growing well. I would purchase again!
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Review by Tina / (Posted on 8/12/2012)
AMAZING deal, AMAZING quality
First of all, 25 vfts for 25 dollars is already a great deal, but Matt, Steve, and Leah usually put way more than 25 to make it an extreme deal! The venus fly traps arrived in excellent quality, and there was a great variety in terms of colors, shapes, and sizes of traps. Some of the fly traps they sent were actually adults! While others looked as though they were just germinated, maybe a month or so old. It is really fun to receive this package because of the surprise that awaits inside the package. This deal is a great product to get if your friends want venus fly traps, because there are so many vfts, plenty to share. :) And finally, the note that Leah wrote on the receipt was an amazing touch that I haven't seen anywhere but the fly trap store. I accidentally killed all my babies during dormacy (oops. :( ), so now I ordered more. can't wait to see what I get! Thank you so much Matt, Steve, and Leah!
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Review by Taryn/tgplp / (Posted on 7/26/2012)
Very happy
I was ecstatic when my package arrived in the mail. I had my Styrofoam cups, distilled water, and Peat moss ready for these plants. I ordered them on a Tuesday and They arrived the following Monday around noon. I was surprised how small the package was, but was pleased to find almost 50 venus fly traps, all green and healthy. I was however surprised on their relatively small size. They were nearly all baby fly traps. I spent the next three hours potting them and placing them outside. I am pleased to know that Florida is perfect for my plants to thrive in, but somewhat disappointed in the size of my plants, unsure how they will prosper and survive, which is the main reason I gave it a 4 instead of 5. The plants were very healthy, with only one trap somewhat black.
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Review by Duy / (Posted on 7/23/2012)
Excellent Service and Flytraps!
Wonderful service! Thanks Matt for some AWESOME traps! I got the traps a day earlier than expected by the tracking. They traveled all the way from Oregon to Alabama in three days. Nice traps for a great price! I received 40 in my shipment! I'm not sure what I have yet, but they are nice healthy little babies. Looking forward to watching the little guys grow into big "bug" killers. I will definitely be ordering from here again.
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Review by Amy / (Posted on 7/6/2012)
Great Deal
I was looking to add to my collection without paying too much and this deal was a perfect fit. It contained about 30 VFTs. The variety was good and my plants are now healthy and growing. I am also happy with the service; the handwritten note on the receipt is a great touch. I would definitely buy from this business again.
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Review by JJ / (Posted on 6/14/2012)
I recieved about 40 plants, almost all with great roots and a million little leaves! They were so cute :D and came in 3 days.
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Review by Brea / (Posted on 4/13/2012)
I ordered and recvd 25 babies for 25$. It appears there are more red ones than green ones in my group as I have had them for about a month now and they are growing GREAT!!! I wouldnt hesitate to do this again ! :)
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Review by DEX / (Posted on 4/8/2012)
Lots of healthy traps for the money
Very nice collection of nearly 40 traps! All healthy and ready to grow (as were all of my other purchases). Now the wait begins to see what I've got. Excellent deal for those who have patience. Thanks Steve!
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Review by Aaron / (Posted on 2/16/2012)
25 Baby Venus Flytraps for 25 Dollars
Get more than you pay for,Will definately buy from here again,There is no need to shop any other flytrap store.
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Review by Brent / (Posted on 2/1/2012)
I was so excited to get my traps especially after all of the fab reviews. I ordered them this week and they arrived today much to my surprise because I did not expect them for another week because of how long it generally takes for people to "process" BEFORE SHIPPING. They are all in tact and there are several sizes. The hand written and personalised notes take the excellent customer service to extraordinary :)

I will be ordering again for sure.
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Review by Ryan / (Posted on 10/8/2011)
Excellent deal!
Got plants today, got them unpacked, soaked, and potted, counted them out to 52 plants, thats 48 cents a plant, I definately will keep the FlyTrapStore in mind when in search of carnivorous plants from here out.
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Review by chris / (Posted on 8/31/2011)
Lots of plants, Little Money
I ordered my 25 plants and was happy to see that I actually received 44. Some of the plants were significantly larger than what I would consider a baby, others were so tiny they could have been confused with moss. Over all tons of variety in both size and color, and as far as I could tell they were in excellent condition. Shipping included my cost came out to be about $30 for 44 plants. That comes out at an average of 70 cents per plant. Not too shabby.
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Review by Shimizoki / (Posted on 7/2/2011)
Great deal, received more than 25 for sure!
I got this on the discount, and was blown away by the "baby" size, they are actually some pretty good ones, and I got 40 instead of 25, they are doing great, I gave five away, which I recently heard died :(, and I lost 4 myself :( the rest are acclimated to utah, and ready for a great growing season!
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Review by 25 for 12.5=40???? / (Posted on 5/30/2011)
5 Stars for a great deal!
Got this when it was on sale, so 12.50 for 25 baby VFT's.
Even though I killed of 1/3 of them because of a bad watering system, I still got a great deal! I repotted the rest of them out, and they look great! Get them! Great deal!
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Review by Daniel Teeling aka. dantt99 / (Posted on 5/30/2011)