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Trichterfalle, also known as "Funnel Trap," is a bizarre Venus Fly trap that grows traps which are fused together at the inner margins where the trap connects to the rest of the leaf. This fusing creates an interesting and odd looking trap like no other flytrap produces. Trichterfalle also occasionally has "scaling" on the leaves which gives them a rough, sand paper-like appearance at certain times of the year.
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Trichterfalle originates from Dr. König in Germany who used phytohormones in tissue culture to create it. The scaling and "funnel traps" aren't 100% stable year round, meaning that Trichterfalle also produces quite a few normal traps, but the odd traps for which the plant is named are usually produced quite a few times throughout the growing season. In good light, Trichterfalle will develop a deep red coloration on the interior of the traps. It's a beautiful, unique and freaky flytrap clone that is highly sought after by many Venus fly trap collectors!
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