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FTS Lunatic Fringe, a Flytrap Store exclusive Venus Flytrap. A FlytrapStore original clone raised from seed that was harvested in 2009, "FTS Lunatic Fringe" is easily recognizable by its uniquely highly serrated trap margins, which are even more serrated than those of Sawtooth or Bristletooth. FTS Lunatic Fringe is capable of producing very large traps and is a very unique and attractive cultivar.
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In addition to the defining woolly teeth for which it was named, "FTS Lunatic Fringe" has quite tall, very upright growth during the spring and summer months. Other defining characteristics of "FTS Lunatic Fringe" are its unique trap shape which at times is nearly fused at the distal end, the fact that adult traps often only have 2 trigger hairs per lobe (as opposed to the normal 3 to 4 trigger hairs), and long-thin petioles reminiscent of the flytrap clones "Spider" and "WIP Slim Snapper." It is an unmistakable cultivar, very unique and striking.
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