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Polish Dracula

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Polish Dracula

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"Polish Dracula" originates from an unknown grower in Poland. "Polish Dracula" has short, pointy teeth that often develop a red coloration which are reminiscent of blood-stained vampire fangs! It's an upright grower (when not Dormant), a beautiful vicious Flytrap!

Note: Interestingly, the saw-tooth development for Polish Dracula is seasonal, showing up most strongly in the Summer.

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Unlike Trev Cox's Dracula, which tends to have a more compact, low-growing growth habit, "Polish Dracula" has large traps on long leaves. But similar to Trev Cox's 'Dracula', "Polish Dracula" is capable of attaining excellent deep red interior trap coloration that sometimes "bleeds" onto the teeth and outside of the trap.

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Large and I propegated it and I have one baby plant
Great plant
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Review by Sean Reyes / (Posted on 1/23/2018)
My Polish Dracula just arrived completely on-time and in wonderful condition! Very pleased at how well packaged the plant came, plant was dormant as expected due to the season, but was clearly exceptionally healthy! Very happy!
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Review by Anna / (Posted on 12/24/2016)
Great plant
Great plant and awesome service! Quick and well packaged!
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Review by JH / (Posted on 1/27/2016)
Huge plant
Saw this get some good color last fall, Didn't expect it to have such large traps! Great plant
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Review by Kevonicus / (Posted on 7/13/2014)
Bought this plant a while ago, Its been well over a year since i purchased this plant. Its a very slow grower and hasn't quite got any color just a little red on the teeth. But overall its a nice plant.
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Review by Tye / (Posted on 5/24/2014)
Dracula started coloring up as soon as I put it outside. Very nice coloring, and appears to be quite hardy as well.
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Review by Leslie / (Posted on 5/1/2013)