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A favorite of everyone at FlytrapStore.com, Jaws is a vicious looking large-trapped Venus Flytrap, the result of a cross between Dentate Traps and a vigorous unnamed Flytrap. In addition to the traps being extra-large, they are often a deep, bloody red, especially into the Summer. Jaws is an attractive upright grower (when not Dormant). Note: Interestingly, the saw-tooth development for Jaws is seasonal, showing up most strongly in the Summer.
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'Jaws' is an officially registered Venus Flytrap cultivar. It has shorter than usual "teeth" that look like the teeth of a shark, hence the name 'Jaws'. However, the "teeth" are longer in the spring months and get shorter as the year goes on, so don't be concerned if you receive a Jaws plant in the spring and it doesn't have short, shark-like teeth.
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