FTS Maroon Monster Venus Flytrap

FTS Maroon Monster

DC XL Venus Fly Trap



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The "A2" is the impressive attractive sibling of the very popular 'B52' Venus flytrap variety, originally named "A1" by grower Henning von Schmeling, which is well-known for its extraordinarily large traps. The traps of "A2" easily rival the 'B52' in size. In coloring, the "A2" can develop brightly red-hued trap interiors, moreso than its 'B52' sibling.
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Like the 'B52', "A2" has long cilia or "teeth" which makes it look even more menacing. Also, the "A2" grows lower to the ground than does the 'B52' in our conditions. Considering these qualities, we think the "A2" should be more widely known and appreciated.
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