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FTS Maroon Monster

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FTS Maroon Monster, a Flytrap Store exclusive Venus Flytrap. Developed by the Flytrap Store breeding program, the FTS Maroon Monster is a superior red-leafed Venus Flytrap, with extra-large Traps, vigorous growth and deep red color. (See full description for details and comparison with other red-leafed Venus Flytraps.)
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FTS Maroon Monster is a product of the Flytrap Store breeding program and tissue-culture lab, a unique seed-grown red plant that has exceeded expectations. How does FTS Maroon Monster compare with other red-leafed Venus Flytraps?
• FTS Maroon Monster has thicker and more robust leaf growth than Akai Ryu. • FTS Maroon Monster has the intensely dark red trap interiors of Pink Venus, but with much larger traps and plant diameter, and much more vigorous growth. • FTS Maroon Monster has deep maroon traps inside and outside with contrasting lime-green edged traps like Royal Red, but with sturdier leaves, larger traps and more rapid growth.
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