FTS Crimson Sawtooth

FTS Crimson Sawtooth - 5 Small Plants

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Pink Venus - 5 Small Plants

Sawtooth - 5 Small Plants

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The Sawtooth Venus Flytrap clone has very short, highly-serrated "teeth" on thick traps. A vigorous plant that develops a deep red color more often than many other Venus Flytraps.
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'Sawtooth' is an officially registered Venus Flytrap cultivar. For more information be sure to read the Sawtooth Cultivar page on the main site. The Sawtooth Venus Flytrap clone tends to have very substantial, thick leaves, traps and marginal teeth. It's a vigorous-growing plant and a very able hunter. One of its nicest characteristics, aside from the vicious-looking sawlike teeth, is its tendency to develop intense red in the interiors of the traps. Give it plenty of light to look its best.
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