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Bristletooth - 5 Small Plants

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Green Dragon - 5 Small Plants

Low Giant - 5 Small Plants

The Low Giant Venus Flytrap clone produces very large traps (rivaling even the B52) and grows prostrate (near the ground) year round in dense rosettes. It can also develop very deep color in the traps. A superior Venus Fly Trap.
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Low Giant is well named. It is a vigorous grower, but the leaves remain low to the ground all during the growing season, unlike most Venus Flytraps that grow more upright during the warmer period of Summer. This prostrate type of growth tends to look neater and more sturdy than the thinner, more upright growth on other Venus Fly Traps. The traps of Low Giant are very large, among the largest of all Venus Flytraps, and the plants can be very colorful.
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