Sarracenia leucophylla RED - Wilkerson's Red Rocket x Bright RED

Sarracenia lecophylla RED (Wilkerson's Red Rocket x Bright RED)

Sarracenia leucophylla

Sarracenia lecophylla "Burgundy"

Sarracenia lecophylla Hurricane creek white AxF 'select'

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Arguably one of the best hurricane creek white clones in existence! From a large batch of seedlings, this clone stood out of the crowd and was the best of the batch. It produces the whitest, most impressive traps we've ever seen, and the clone is also decently vigorous!
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NOTE: All Sarracenia are sold bare-root (rhizome only, not potted).

The best, most whitest looking traps are produced in the fall, but this clone can also produce some impressive/very white traps in the spring/early summer. For best results, be sure the traps early in the season are well fed and keep the plant grown in as much sunlight as possible.

Divisions offered are medium-sized, and are extremely healthy. They have been grown for at least one full season, and have extensive, healthy roots. I think the picture does this clone justice! Very limited supply, so get this highly sought after plant while you can!
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