Sarracenia Royal Ruby

Sarracenia 'Royal Ruby'

Sarracenia 'Green Monster'

Here's a cross between two very rare varieties: an anthocyanin free minor crossed with an anthocyanin free leucophylla! Ideal for both amateurs and serious collectors! This clone historically sells out quickly and is in high demand, so don't miss this opportunity!!
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This, vigorous, easy to grow hybrid produces pitchers that are on average 2+ feet tall once they reach vegetative maturity, but they can get even taller! When grown in full sun and under optimal conditions, the pitchers transform into a neon yellowish-green color!

Plants offered are fully established divisions, meaning they've been grown out for at least a full growing season before being offered. These clones have both incredible growth momentum and extensive, healthy roots. The quality of these divisions is second to none, you won't find plants offered elsewhere in the same, prime condition!
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