S. leucophylla

S. leucophylla "Wilkerson's Red Rocket" North Walton Co, FL

S. leucophylla (various clones) - Franklin County, Florida

S. leucophylla (various clones) - Franklin Co, FL

S. alata 'Night' - Stone Co, MS

Here's a standout, vigorous registered cultivar that produces solid red traps under optimal conditions. This clone originated from wild-collected seed and was selected by Tom Cahill at UC Davis. He grew out a large batch of seedlings and this one stood out of the crowd for its vigor and color!
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Outdoors in Northern California, the traps tend to reach their fullest color potential during the fall, which is also when they produce their largest, most impressive traps. Keep the plant undisturbed for at least a full season or two for best results. Under greenhouse conditions, this clone can color up all the way in the spring/summer! If growing outdoors, full sun is a must to achieve the clone's fullest color potential.

Plants offered are fully established, extremely healthy divisions with great roots and great growth momentum! No need to wait a year or two for divisions to recover, these are expected to keep going strong with proper care!
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