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Product Review (submitted on April 4, 2017):
Absolutely wonderful! Ordered a starter plant (potted) and was wonderfully surprised with the wonderful condition the plant was in! Having read the reviews I already had high expectations, but they were still surpassed! Plant was absolutely in amazing health, with more traps than I could belive! Excellent size! The B52 is a hardy cultivar! Shipping was prompt, arrived on my door Monday, ordered on a Thursday. Packing was excellent, extremely secure, and I really like the cup it came in. The plant was potted really well as well, lots of room for roots, tightly packed (but not too tight), nice and moist long fiber spagum Moss. You guys obviously know what you're doing, but clearly take pride in your work. It's appreciated, Def a repeat customer. If you're looking to get into the hobby, but are afraid to invest in the DCXL, this is certainly the plant to get, and this is the place to get it!